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Holiday Happenings in Ypsilanti

Make Ypsilanti your top holiday stop this season! Visit the Ypsilanti area this holiday season for an enchanted experience in our charming city. There are plenty of events happening and things to do - you may find yourself getting cozy by the fireplace at Corner Brewery, or perhaps feeling like…

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Your Ultimate 2019 Ypsilanti Halloween Guide!

If you’re looking for the ultimate Halloween-time destination, look no further than here in Ypsilanti! Spend some time visiting this October and discover what makes Ypsilanti unique for visitors and residents alike. Whether you crave spine-chilling thrills from creepy ghost stories, haunted houses…

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The Buzz About First Fridays In Fall

A brilliant way to explore Ypsilanti in the fall is by attending First Fridays Ypsilanti, a free and accessible self-guided art and culture walk through Downtown, Depot Town, and more. On the first Friday of each month you are invited to chart your own course through performances, exhibits…

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ypsiGLOW. Glow Forth!

Autumn is a busy time, so take a second right now to mark Friday, October 26 on your calendar: the date of the third annual ypsiGLOW. What is ypsiGLOW? Well, I'm glad you asked, because the answer is literally one of the most "Ypsi" sentences I think I can muster. ypsiGLOW is an annual community…

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First Fridays Ypsilanti

First Fridays Ypsilanti is more than an arts and culture walk - it's a network of artists, local businesses, and volunteers eager to showcase Ypsi's vibrant creative scene. Hands-on activities, unexpected art exhibits, and enthralling live performances can be found in numerous venues throughout the…

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Ypsilanti Artists at the Art Fair

Ypsilanti is a town full of creative, vibrant people, with an ever-growing network of talented artists. Ypsilanti artists and art fans will find a number of booths featuring Ypsilanti artists at the Ann Arbor Art Fair this year. The 2018 Ann Arbor Art Fair will take place July 19-22. While attending…

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