Breakfast & Brunch

Due to coronavirus concerns, restaurants are temporarily closed for dine-in services, effective Monday, March 16 at 3:00 pm. Many restaurants are offering curbside pickup or delivery services. Please check with the individual establishment for more details.

Ypsi is alive and on the move, always fueled by lots and lots of coffee. But even the busiest need time to eat, even if that means grabbing a bagel to go with your morning cup of joe. If you’re looking for a quick bite of breakfast on the way, we recommend B-24s, with specialty lattes and breakfast sandwiches all day. You certainly can’t go wrong at Cultivate Coffee & Tap House, with all kinds of toasts (Nutella and sea salt?!), oatmeal or yogurt with homemade granola, and any of their bagel sandwiches. Cultivate also roasts their own coffee, so you can’t pass up a stop there for breakfast and incredible coffee.

If you’re looking for some more traditional breakfast, Beezy’s Café is a must, located right down the street from Go! Ice Cream…it’s never too early, right? Beezy’s is known and loved for their breakfast burrito and breakfast sandwiches, with homefries that are exactly what we all need alongside a breakfast plate of eggs, bacon, and toast. Also downtown is Ollie Food & Spirits, serving a new brunch adventure each Sunday afternoon. Their daytime menu features breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, and the daily market omelet. Both Beezy’s AND Ollie Food & Spirits both have special vegan options and tons of vegetarian choices, so there’s definitely breakfast and brunch in the mix for everyone!

The Bomber Restaurant is arguably the best diner around town. Here since 1936, The Bomber Restaurant used to serve workers from the nearby Willow Run bomber plant who were working on B-24s during World War II! How cool is that? Now, this diner is still the place to go for a big, filling breakfast. The Cap’n Crunch french toast is a fan favorite, with the omelettes and breakfast platters coming in close behind. Either way, if you want a hearty meal or something quick to go with your coffee, you’ll find it here in Ypsi.