Breakfast & Brunch

Ypsi is alive and on the move, always fueled by lots and lots of coffee. But even the busiest need time to eat. If you’re looking for a quick bite of breakfast on the way, we recommend The Bomber Restaurant, arguably one of the best diners around town. Here since 1936, The Bomber Restaurant used to serve workers from the nearby Willow Run bomber plant who were working on B-24s during World War II. This diner is still the place to go for a big, filling breakfast. The Cap’n Crunch french toast is a fan favorite, with the breakfast platters coming in close behind.

Find more flavor in Ypsilanti when ordering Encuentro Latino, a family-owned business serving up authentic Guatemalan dishes like Guatemalan breakfast special and ala cart menu items that we highly recommend and are good any time of day, like the papusas and fried plantains.

Looking for a quick bite? Find perfect morning pastries at coffee shops like Bridge Community Cafe, for those on-the-go to pair with your freshly-roasted Queerwave coffee. Either way, if you want a hearty meal or something quick to go with your coffee, you’ll find it here in Ypsi.

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