Coffee Shops

There’s a culture of creation here in Ypsilanti, and like all great things, it’s fueled by coffee…many cups. Coffee shops here are local, loved, and pillars of the community. First things first, if you haven’t been to Dom Bakeries, you need to go, now. Their donuts are a common craving, but their coffee and cappuccinos are perfect to pair! There’s not much better than hot coffee and donuts, especially from a local gem like Dom's.

Local flavor flows every day at Hyperion Coffee Co.. Hyperion sets itself apart in sourcing their beans through direct trade, and always offering a wide variety of single-origin brews. Check out their website for some awesome tutorials to perfect your brewing at home, whether you’re a pour-over or French press person.

Another locally owned gem is Cafe Liv, providing a comfortable indoor and outdoor space downtown Ypsilanti. Try the Liv Latte or another specialty drink served by the skilled and friendly staff.

Regardless of where you are in the city, there’s a cup of coffee with your name on it (or two), and probably some sweets and snacks to go with it.