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Ypsilanti is a long-time artists community and the home of well-loved galleries and arts non-profits, bringing in local, regional, and international artists. Art, in all its varied forms, is one of the most valued and noteworthy pieces of the cultural fabric of the area. The culture of Ypsilanti makes art accessible and fun for everyone here – community involvement is huge. Local galleries, theatres, and museums collaborate to bring visitors an unforgettable experience at every exhibition, performance, and reception. Local artists frequently showcase their work in local shops and restaurants, like 734 Brewing Company and WaxBar!

Ypsilanti does things a little bit differently and always has a whole lot of fun when it comes to art. Events like First Fridays Ypsilanti and DIYpsi are put on by the community, for the community. First Fridays is a monthly art and culture walk where art lovers and area visitors alike experience a variety of art forms, discover new artists, and enjoy live music at venues and eat some great food.

The area is home to many hidden gems, like 22 North, which focuses on up-and-coming and underrepresented visual artists, as well as Nelson Amos Studios located in bustling Depot Town. Local professor, Dr. Nelson Amos, creates breathtaking paintings and prints that highlight Ypsi and show off the beauty of the area, celebrating the history and complexities of life here. Ypsilanti artists, fueled by the area’s great vibes and even better food, pack their unique work into every part of town.

Eastern Michigan University, right in the Downtown area, brings a lot to the Ypsi art scene, with a handful of galleries right on campus. Located in the EMU Student Center, the University Gallery features major exhibitions and events for students and the larger community, and the IGG Gallery is student run, showcasing student work. The Ford Gallery is a venue for outside artists as well as student exhibitions, maintaining an exciting, year-round schedule of programming.  

Creativity is an essential part of what makes Ypsilanti so special. The artistic spirit is alive and well here, thanks to the community involvement and local support. The art scene is thriving, held up by all the incredible art events and galleries here.

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