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If you love classic cars, motorcycles, and automotive history, Ypsilanti is the place for you! Located 36 miles away from Detroit, the city of Ypsilanti has a rich history of rear-engines, hatchbacks, hardtops, and more.

There are endless ways to honor history, especially the automotive sort, in Ypsi. Some of the exciting museums in Ypsilanti include the Automotive Heritage Museum and former Hudson Dealership, the Michigan Firehouse Museum, showcasing fire-fighting history, the Ypsilanti Historical Museum, home to Ypsi artifacts fit for history lovers, and the Yankee Air Museum located at the former Willow Run Bomber Plant.  Here, you’ll learn about Ypsi’s role in aviation history. You may even learn about Demetrius Ypsilanti, for whom the city is named - an important figure in the Greek Revolution during the same year as the founding of Ypsilanti.

Michigan Firehouse Museum proudly displays thousands of items collected and curated over the past two decades. All the bells, whistles, extinguishers, and helmets you could ever imagine are at this museum This historic landmark was once home to Ypsilanti’s finest firefighters. Now, children and adults alike can explore and marvel over modern and historic firetrucks and firefighter gear in this beautiful facility – you’re never too old for a red plastic firefighter hat!

Ypsilanti’s rich histories don’t stop there, most museums host annual events, like the Thunder Over Michigan air show at Yankee Air Museum or the Fire Truck Muster, put on by the Michigan Firehouse Museum! While you’re here, stop by some of the hidden gems that have been around for ages, like The Bomber Restaurant, which served B-24 workers during WWII. Ypsilanti is the best destination to truly experience history in ways that are fun, hands-on, and sure to teach you a thing or two. View a full listing of events in Ypsilanti here

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