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10 Unique Things to See When Visiting EMU

Not only does Eastern Michigan University have tons of resources and activities for students and faculty, but many of those are available for public view or exploration. Read on to learn more about what there is to see as a visitor to EMU: 1. Art Walk Take a self-guided art walk throughout campus…

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Ypsilanti: What’s in a Name?

“Ypsilanti” is a daunting name to pronounce for those unfamiliar with it. However, it's very unusualness is central to Ypsilantians' sense of the uniqueness of their community. How did a town in southern Michigan, known for many hundreds of years in Native Iroquoian and Algonquian languages, and…

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Fun Facts About The Willow Run Bomber Plant

You’ve probably heard of Rosie the Riveter, that iconic figure of American spirit. Many people may also know that Rose Will Monroe traveled from rural Kentucky to Ypsilanti, Michigan to work among thousands of others during World War II. But what about where she worked and what she made? Find out…

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Airborne! Bomber Rides in the Yankee Lady

What is it like to fly in a WW II bomber? There is not much to compare it to. It is sort of like riding in a time machine, back to the 1940’s. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ride in a B-17 Bomber out of the Willow Run Airport. The B-17 at Willow Run, nicknamed the Yankee Lady, is a…

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10 Beautiful Historic Homes in Ypsilanti

From trailblazers like HP Jacobs to remarkable places like the Willow Run Bomber Plant – Ypsilanti is home to a great deal of history. In fact, Ypsilanti is Michigan’s second largest historic district, with approximately 20 percent of the 4.4 square miles designated historic. Many have called the…

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Ypsilanti’s Iconic Water Tower

Cities all over the world have important landmarks. They have titles ranging from “most important” to “must-see” or even to “greatest achievement”. Ypsilanti, Michigan has its own fair share of landmarks, and one has always stood out of the crowd as the most iconic – the Ypsilanti water tower. Known…

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