From trailblazers like HP Jacobs to remarkable places like the Willow Run Bomber Plant – Ypsilanti is home to a great deal of history. In fact, Ypsilanti is Michigan’s second largest historic district, with approximately 20 percent of the 4.4 square miles designated historic. Many have called the city home, and constructed beautiful houses in the process. What if we told you that some houses from the 1800’s still stand in Ypsilanti today? Feast your eyes on these ten beautiful homes that have been around longer than most people you know!

1. This perfectly peachy home.


2. The contrasting colors on this house are enough to knock your socks off.


3. The famous Gilbert Mansion is always a stunner.


4. This historic home uses complementary colors to impress.


5. The pink and yellow details make this house stand out on the block.


6. This Cross Street home boasts rich hues, and a house next door to match!


7. This beautifully symmetrical home.


8. This house on a hill with a fabulous porch.


9. This adorable blue home surrounded by lots of greenery.


10. And of course, The Hutchinson Mansion, former home to the H in S&H stamps, now home to HighScope. HighScope’s studies in equitable, early education have informed childhood curricula, standards, and policies nationally and worldwide. 


Thanks for reading! If you have a favorite historic home that you don’t see represented here, send us a photo with the hashtag #ypsireal on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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