The Huron River is one of the best places in Michigan for smallmouth bass fishing. Our guest blogger Emma Schulte interviewed the owner of Schultz Outfitters, Mike Schultz, in Ypsilanti. She learned what makes fly fishing a memorable experience for both beginners and experts alike. 

If you’re not an avid fly fisher, you’ve probably never been inside of the Schultz Outfitters, and maybe are not even sure what that is. As someone who isn’t familiar with the world of fly fishing, I was unsure of what exactly Schultz offered the community, but in going to check out the business and meeting with the owner (who was incredibly nice!), I was impressed and excited to share all of the great things about this gem of a Ypsilanti business.

Schultz Outfitters was founded in 2003 by the current owner, Mike Schultz, fresh out of his studies at Eastern Michigan University. Mike grew up loving fly fishing and wanted to open his own shop, which he did in 2012, and is southeast Michigan’s longest standing and most respected fly fishing business. Mike’s crew of employees are all amazing folks with over one hundred years of combined experience supporting the business.

Schultz Outfitters offers a wide range of fly fishing retail products for sale to its customers, ranging from poles to outerwear to other accessories necessary to your best fly fishing experience. Despite having such a huge retail storefront, this is only a small portion of what Schultz Outfitters does, compared to all their other services. Schultz offers fly fishing guiding sessions, where you can schedule guided trips with their experienced, up-to-date guides that will take you to the waters of your choosing to help you strengthen your skills and improve your technique.

If you’re a first timer to fly fishing, or even if you’re an expert, Schultz also offers private and group classes that enthusiastic fisherpeople can sign up for to perfect their skills. These classes are taught right in Ypsilanti, with Schultz’s own gear, so you’re training with the newest and best quality. 

As if that isn’t enough for Schultz Outfitters to be involved in, they further extend themselves and service those fly fishers that are more adventurous and looking to fish outside of southeast Michigan. They put together multiple yearly trips to different areas around the United States and even outside of the country (they took a group to Russia!). These trips are open to anyone who wants in. They connect their guests on the trips with the best local guides that really know the area and the water species.

Schultz Outfitters is such a wonderfully successful and prominent business in the Ypsilanti community, bringing such great press to Ypsilanti and involving themselves in so many different community-tied events. Fly fishing is something that is making a kind of comeback right now; it is becoming a more popular sport with the millennial generation and owner Mike Schultz hopes to keep seeing more engagement with younger generations. If you’re a fly fishing fanatic, or even if you’re like me and am not sure how properly tie off a fishing pole, check out Schultz Outfitters the next time you’re in Depot Town. We’re proud to have such a prosperous and interactive business here in Ypsilanti.


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