We love our Ypsi Real community! Thanks to you, we've had a successful year of sharing authentic Ypsilanti content across our social media channels. We're taking a look back at our top Ypsilanti social posts of 2023. See if your content made the list!

1. Bird's Eye View of the Historic Water Tower

What an exceptional view of the historic Ypsilanti Water Tower! This was our most viewed reel of 2023, raking in tens of thousands of views (and counting) across our channels. Shout out to @asultan91 for sharing with us!

@ypsireal Bird's eye view of the #Ypsilanti Water Tower in the historic city of Ypsilanti, #Michigan! 📲 Visit YpsiReal.com for more travel inspiration. #YpsiReal  ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

2. Ypsilanti featured on Under the Radar Michigan

We love this memory of our friends from PBS award-winning TV show, Under the Radar Michigan, visiting some of Ypsi's coolest spots, including Puffer Reds for all things fashion, and delicious Thai food at Basil Babe!

3. Looking Back on Ypsi History 

We endlessly admire Ypsilanti's beautiful, historic architecture. This image combines 100 years of the Huron Hotel building into one photo! Now, the building houses the famous Ypsi Alehouse and several local services. 



4. Ypsilanti Bicentennial 1973 Time Capsule Reveal 


This past year, a 50-year time capsule was opened in celebration of the Ypsilanti Bicentennial. Included were several papers,patches, bumper stickers, and Ypsi sesquintennial items. Visitors can view more up close at the Ypsilanti Historical Museum. Click here browse our gallery from the opening.



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5. Visiting the Bomber Ypsi 

Our friend Jackie from @frommichiganwithloveblog visited the iconic Bomber Ypsi. This mini museum is filled with historic WWII memorabilia. You may even see a few original 'Rosies' who worked at the former Willow Run Bomber Plant at the diner!  


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6. Celebrating New Ypsi Businesses 

In 2023, we welcomed several new small businesses opening in Ypsilanti. Residents and visitors alike love celebrating what's new and sharing #Ypsilove for our existing small businesses, each offering something totally unique.

7. Under the Radar Michigan visits Ypsi Drive-Ins 

Up for another top spot on the list is an Under the Radar Michigan feature! This time, the team created a unique Ypsilanti adventure, driving a 1969 Corvair convertible to famous Michigan drive-ins right here in Ypsilanti. Special thanks to the folks at the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum



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8. Getting Spooky in October 

Ypsilanti is the area's premier Halloween destination! We celebrated Ypsi in October's second year of exciting events, Halloween-themed gatherings, and plenty of exciting experiences.  

9. Happy Birthday to the Water Tower

Our beloved water tower turned 133 years old in 2023! This world famous water tower has been featured in Atlas Obscura, and was once recognized as one of the world's seven weirdest towers



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10. Savoring Sothern Comfort

Ypsilanti has some of the best food in the midwest, including these gems serving up Southern inspired favorites around town. 

@ypsireal Add these Southern inspired #YpsiReal favorites to your must-try list! 💯 Visit our website for more info! 📲 YpsiReal.com ♬ Soul Food - Cyrus Chestnut


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