Ypsilanti, MI, commonly referred to as "Ypsi" is a town full of rich history and creative energy. Not only is it home to Eastern Michigan University, this city is also home to loads of unique signage!

Be sure to take the the time to stop and look at the expert craftsmanship and artistry on these signs in Ypsilanti. There are many vintage signs and vintage-inspired signs throughout the city.


1) Terry Bakery - 119 W Michigan Ave.

This giant neon sign on Michigan Avenue indicates the home of one of the tastiest bakeries in Ypsilanti, Terry Bakery. The sign was refurbished in 2013, and the city rejoiced upon its return. When the sign is lit up, that means the bakery is open. They offer a variety of fresh-baked goods including muffins, cookies, breads, cakes, and pies. Terry Bakery is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 7am-noon, and Saturdays 7am-1pm.

2) Trojan Dry Cleaners - 20 N Adams St.

Trojan Dry Cleaners has been an Ypsilanti staple for over 50 years. This family owned small business is located on Adams Street. They have amazingly positive reviews on yelp.com, and one of the most stylish signs in the city.

3) Rapid Shoe Fix - 115 Pearl St.

Ypsi Real can speak to the excitement that surrounds Rapid Shoe Fix. We once posted a photo of this sign on our Facebook page and received dozens of comments singing the praises of the local cobbler. You can spot this quirky sign on Pearl Street in Ypsilanti. On the sign is displayed elves and the phrase, "Inside is a man who works on your shoe. He has so many jobs because he know what to do."

4) Tap Room - 201 W Michigan Ave.

The Tap Room, on Michigan Avenue, originally opened its doors in 1941, the same year that the Ypsilanti bomber plant was opened. To many Ypsilantians this historic sign is a symbol of Friday nights, live music, and strong spirits. But did you know The Tap Room sign has quite a following on Pinterest? It’s plastered on hundreds of Neon Sign Pin Boards!

5) Peninsular Paper Co. - 1249 LeForge Rd.

Proudly sitting on top of a dam along the Huron River is one of the most iconic signs in Ypsilanti, the Peninsular Paper Co. The Peninsular paper mill was originally constructed in 1867 to produce newsprint for the Chicago Tribune. After paper production ceased in 2001, the factory was demolished, but the sign remains. Learn more about the history of Penisular Paper Company dam and mill by clicking here.

6) The Wurst Bar - 705 W Cross St.

The sign says “Wurst”, but inside you will find some of the most delicious bratwursts, burgers, tater tots, and craft beer. The Wurst Bar on Cross Street continues the style decor on the inside. Snap a pic of this iconic sign and share it on Instagram with the #ypsireal hashtag.

7) Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum - 100 E Cross St.

You can spot this pair of neon signs in historic Depot Town. Housed in what was formerly the last operating Tucker Dealership, is the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum. The museum displays feature Chevrolet Corvair, Tucker, Hudson, Kaiser-Frazer, and General Motors Hydra-matic, all cars with deepYpsilanti connections.

8) Farmers Market Ypsilanti - 16 S Washington St.

Thanks to a successful Patronicity crowdfunding campaign, and the limitless work of Growing Hope, the Ypsilanti Farmers Market has a home on Washington Street, near Michigan Avenue. The bright green facade and tall lettering of the sign is hard to miss! The Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers Market is open on year-round on Tuesdays from 3:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. 

9) FOOD by Cre Fuller - 20 N Washington St.

Located inside Beezy’s Cafe is a delightfully eclectic sign created by local artist, Cre Fuller. This partnership was a match made in heaven. One of the city’s most talented artists, paired with one of the tastiest places to dine. Something about this sign makes a person hungry!

10) Stick’s -  39 E Cross St.

Upstairs of Aubree’s in Depot Town, is Stick’s Billard Bar. Stick’s has Aubree’s full menu, shuffle board, and a relaxing outdoor tiki bar overlooking the train tracks. There are also a pool tables (if that wasn’t clearly indicated by the neon sign).

11) City Body - 20 E Cross St.

City Body auto shop was established in 1930, and operates out of a nearly 20,000 square foot space. There are numerous car shows in Depot Town throughout the year, so it only makes sense this auto body shop is loud and proud with its bright red sign!


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