The Epicurean Traveler is back! Erin Klema, one of our favorite food and travel bloggers, published another post about her time in the Ann Arbor area earlier this year - specifically about her jaw-dropping, delectable dinner at Ollie Food + Spirits in Ypsilanti's Depot Town.


Here's her bottom line:

"To begin our delicious meal, my dinner companion and I ordered two of Ollie Food + Spirits’ specialty cocktails. When the Mind On My Money arrived at our table, I totally had order envy. This tasty cocktail was a magical mix of Michigan-made gin with flavors of fresh grapefruit and honey. Don’t worry, I stopped feeling jealous after I tasted my own drink. The Postcard From Affair was a fabulous, fruity, vodka-based cocktail. With fresh muddled blackberries, this well-balanced beverage was also made with lemon, ginger, Bolivar Bitters, lemongrass, and wine-based aperitif Byrrh Grand QuinQuina. I’d happily drink either or both cocktails again. Anyone free for a boozy brunch this weekend?"


Luckily for all of us, Ollie Food + Spirits offers themed brunches every Sunday - recent themes have included Beyonce, camping, and Stranger Things - as well as a tasty ''regular'' brunch menu every other day of the week. 

Check out Erin's full post here for all the details on her entire meal at Ollie Food + Spirits. Stay tuned for more updates from #ErininA2!


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