Ypsilanti is a hotbed of nationally-known antique markets. Looking for that perfect vintage piece? You’re likely to find it here in historic, charming Ypsilanti.


Last summer, we had the privilege of meeting Mary Moore of Raising Dick & Jane, and showing her around the retro shops in Ypsilanti. Here are some of her musings about the experience!


“Recently I had the opportunity to go antique shopping in Ypsilanti, Michigan and I couldn’t believe what an untouched haven of vintage goodness it was! Store after store – all filled with drool worthy collectibles.”


“Finding a good antique store is lucky – finding a string of them all within one area is a gold mine! Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Ypsilanti, Michigan while I was on a tour of their neighboring city Ann Arbor. Here, in Ypsi as the locals call it, I found antique store after antique store all within walking or driving distance of each other. Plus, between the hubs of antique collections, a rising city of budding artists and entrepreneurs is taking shape. This city, while being an amazing hub of history, certainly has a uniquely bright future.”


“Those looking to remodel a house with flair should look no further than Materials Unlimited. This three storied building is like a rabbit hole filled to the brim with beautifully reclaimed items. Wandering through the rooms I found ceiling lights, sconces, doors, door knobs, chairs, bathtubs and other home decor items. It made me want to redecorate my home in so many different designs.”


“I stumbled upon Salt City Antiques in the heart of downtown. As I walked through the streets something caught my eye. I pressed my nose upon the glass window – there was the most beautiful 1950’s dining room set ever. Bright and yellow. This entire antique store made my heart flutter with retro chairs, kitchen accessories and more. I wanted it all!”


For impeccable food in a historic building, look no further than Sidetrack Bar & Grill in historic Depot Town, right next to the Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum. For historically-themed coffee, B-24’s is the best place to caffeinate. And, if you like retro ice cream parlors, Go! Ice Cream is a great place for something cold and creamy.


For Mary’s full post about her antiquing trek in Ypsilanti, click HERE.