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Great Minds Think A Lot: Rick Coughlin of Grove Studios

For this episode of “Great Minds Think a Lot” series, we interviewed Rick Coughlin, owner of Grove Studios, a rehearsal studio and creative space for artists and aspiring musicians in Ypsilanti. We spoke on the origins of and plans for the studio, Coughlin’s artistry roots, and his appreciation for…

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What to Expect When Shopping Safely in Ypsilanti

Retail shops are reopening slowly and safely around the Ypsilanti area with new safety precautions and guidelines recommended by the CDC on social distancing. Shops are adapting to this new normal by limiting the amount of guests in a store. Some have implemented extra restrictions to help keep…

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Great Minds Think A Lot: Khadija B. Wallace

In October 2019, as Khadija B. Wallace’s grandkids candied apples that would be delivered as a “thank you for your business” gift to several clients of Joyful Treats – Wallace’s Ypsilanti-based catering service – the original vision for the company was made manifest. “The idea was, this would be our…

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