Feb 01, 2016


Ypsilanti – named for Demetrius Ypsilanti, a general in the Greek war for independence – was originally established as a trading post in 1809 and established as a city in 1823. Ypsilanti would eventually encompass several area settlements that were established to take advantage of both the Huron River and existing Indian trails. The most famous of which was the Sauk trail, later becoming Michigan Avenue where you’ll find our historic downtown.

The area east of the Huron River had already begun to develop as a result of the river trade and would become known as Depot Town once the railroad arrived. The first wood frame depot was replaced in 1864 with a three story brick masonry structure which at the time was considered the finest facility on the Detroit to Chicago line.

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Grab your favorite ride and start your engines. Whether you like to race or be a Sunday driver all week long, there is plenty here to indulge the car lover in you.

The Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum & Miller Motors Hudson overflows with local history of automobile makes and makers who helped build the area and then the nation.

The Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum tells the story of these companies, preserves an important era in American history, and presents some beautiful machines. The museum also includes Miller Motors, a fully preserved pre-war automobile dealership that still operates serving America’s vintage Hudson fleet. Learn about the role Ypsilanti and its pioneers played in the history of the automobile.

Michigan Firehouse Museum

The Michigan Firehouse Museum is located in Ypsilanti’s historic Depot Town. Encompassing over 26,000 square feet, the Museum is an educational treasure trove that includes an original 1898 firehouse and modern, multilevel exhibit display area.

Visitors can view a fire engine steamer replete with horses, ready to go on their way to a fire. The large, modern addition offers 25 changing exhibits of antique fire trucks and early fire rigs, multiple displays of historic artifacts including tools, equipment, memorabilia and the largest collection of fire truck bells in the country.

Ypsilanti Historical Museum

The Ypsilanti Historical Museum is home to local history which is presented as an 1860 home. The Museum and Fletcher-White Archives are organized and operated by the Ypsilanti Historical Society.

Historic Architecture

Still home to much of the beautiful architecture built in the 1800s, Ypsilanti is rich in historic architecture. The historic district has designated 185 buildings, a testimonial to its preservation-minded citizens. Ypsilanti also boasts numerous historic homes that overlook the Huron River.

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