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Shadow Nation (2018 Documentary film)



Shadow Nation is alive with music and passion as it follows a group of renowned rock musicians led by George Lynch (Dokken/Lynch Mob) on a journey through Native American reservations in the southwest and the Great Plains. Forging new friendships, they learn about the many injustices done to Native Americans and how those seeds of repression have contributed to the poverty, alcoholism, and illnesses that continue to plague the reservations. Shadow Nation will help to reveal the vacuous nature of our modern worldview, a philosophy of unrestrained materialism, disconnected from the natural world and supported by militarism. A powerfully blatant message when juxtaposed against the historical world-view of indigenous people. Their connection to the earth, their sense of humility and compassion, and their belief that all actions have long lasting consequences will inspire a re-examination of what our society has become.

Ultimately they will reveal how a new culture that utilizes the best aspects of both native and non-natives views of governing, managing economy and spiritual balance is possible.