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Rumble of the Bumble

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Save the date! You'll want to be in Ypsilanti for this unique annual event in the heart of Depot Town. 

Big Bruce Buzzbee the largest bumblebee on planet Earth will go up against Neo Nicanoid and Guy Phosate a couple of Pesky Pesticide, bad chemical dudes in a LIVE WRESTLING match.

The ring will be set up on E. Cross st. Ypsilanti MI. U.S.A. and 3 rounds of wrestling will be happening. The street will be closed for all the FUN and activities to ensue.

This is an all day FREE Family Friendly event and will be happening 2-10pm on Saturday September 7th, 2024.

The mission is to encourage awareness of the importance for us to care for our planet. To care for the pollinators as the creatures that help provide nutrition to our bodies, through the food that we eat. While having fun, creating joy, hosting engaging activities, performance, dance, music, art, and creativity. Bringing our beautiful diverse community together, with having good will with one and other.
The night before be sure to check out the sister event, the Festival of the Pollinators on September 6th.

Please visit the website for more information.