#TBT | Best Ypsi Yarn Bombs

Mar 12, 2015

Sometime in early 2014, Ypsilantians began noticing a special type of street art emerging throughout the city. Those special-somethings were “yarn bombs” by our very own Friendly Neighborhood Yarn Bomber (FNYB). The FNYB was known for accentuating Ypsilanti’s creative environment by making bright and colorful yarn bombs for our fair city.

What are yarn bombs? It’s a type of guerrilla art in which knitted fabrics appear in/on public spaces. Other popular terms are knitfitti and urban knitting.

Trees? You can yarn bomb them. Fences? Yarn bombing gold. Light posts? If you like it, put a yarn bomb on it.

SPOILER: Ypsilanti’s FNYB has since moved from Ypsi, but stops by from time to time with a new yarn bomb! You can follow them on Instagram by clicking here.

10. Ypsilanti District Library’s Bike Racks

There is a strong passion for biking in our county, so it was awfully nice of the FNYB to show them some appreciation.

9. Ypsi Love

The FNYB was well aware that we’re all about the love in Ypsilanti. Can you guess where this yarn bomb was?

8. Demetrius Makeover

The statue of Demetrius Ypsilantis looks cozy, doesn’t it? If you want to know more about the origin of the name “Ypsilanti” – click here!

7. Depot Town Clock Tower

The FNYB knows a trip to Ypsi isn’t complete without some quality time in Depot Town.

6. Beezy’s Door Handle

If only all door handles were as cushy as this.

5. Tight Knit

This pic says it all. Ypsilanti is a creative, “tight knit community” on the banks of the Huron River.

4. Harriet Tubman Flower

One of the last stops in Michigan before Canada – Ypsilanti is a historical underground railroad destination. The FNYB payed a beautiful tribute to our heritage by knitting this flower for the Harriet Tubman statue next to the library.

3. Colorful Sidetrack Ypsilanti

A colorful yarn bomb for The Sidetrack Bar and Grill.

2. Goodbye sad

It was so sad to see the FNYB leave Ypsi, but at least they took the time to say goodbye!

1. Leg Warmers for “The Hiker”

There are over 20 of these statues throughout the country, but it’s safe to say ours is the only one with custom leg warmers! (For curious minds: This sculpture by Allen George Newman is called “The Hiker” and was created as a tribute to the Spanish-American War.)

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