12 Ways to Enjoy Winter Fun in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Dec 16, 2016

The temperature is dropping in Ypsilanti, Michigan – but our spirits aren’t! Ypsilanti is still beautiful this time of year, even under several feet of snow. We wanted to share the picturesque winter scenes that our followers have been sending to us by using the hashtag #YpsiReal. Enjoy these photos, and get out and enjoy the snow yourself, if you dare!

Pro tip: This blog is best experienced with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

1. Go sledding with your friends at Riverside Park.


Had a fun afternoon sledding with these cuties today. #snowday #playlikeakid #grateful #ypsireal

A photo posted by Anna Keene (@lollie_gager) on

2. Marvel at the beauty of the Ypsilanti Historical Museum.


Snowy Ypsi makes my heart melt. #ypsireal #ypsilanti #snowpocalypse2016

A photo posted by Allyson Miko (@teaandlips) on

3. Take in the views from the tridge.


That hill up ahead is the best place to be on #snowdays in #ypsilanti. #riversidepark#sledding#ypsireal #picsilanti

A photo posted by Gretchen Guck (@gretchbear) on

4. Head into Depot Town, and hide from the snow at Sidetrack, Aubree’s or Maiz.

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We miss so many things about ‘home’ now that we live in Florida…...Side Track in particular…...Riverside Park Sledding,  Haab’s, Gabrielle’s, but mostly all of our friends.

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