4 Cozy Study Spots in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Nov 11, 2016

So it’s November and the realization that you have finals coming up finally hits you. There’s some sweating involved, maybe even some stress eating. How do cram in studying for all the information you’ve learned (or let’s face it, pretended to learn) over the past few months? Or more importantly, where do you buckle down and knock out all your studying?

For me, finding a place to concentrate on work or school is the hardest thing about being a student. I can’t study well unless I find a place that I can really focus in, that has a cool, relaxed atmosphere, and most likely serves food. For my blog this month, I’ve come up with a list of my four favorite study spots in Ypsi—places where students and adults alike can get their work done!

1. Beezy’s Café

Beezy’s Café is nestled on North Washington Street right in Downtown Ypsi. It’s an adorable little café serving artisan sandwiches and soups and a great breakfast menu. Beezy’s is right around the corner from the EMU College of Business, so it’s my favorite place to grab a quick breakfast and cram in some last minute reviews for my upcoming marketing tests. They have a great big seating area, with retro lights on the walls and old floral couches. It’s a super cool place to hang out, study, and snack!

2. Ypsilanti Library

The Downtown Ypsilanti District Library is right across the street from the College of Business on Michigan Avenue. I like this library because it’s a beautiful, historical building and is at an easy access point right in downtown. They have long tables and comfy chairs available for you to camp out in (and fall asleep in, as I’ve proven a few times) and bust out your homework. The staff there are incredibly friendly as well, and they have all the resources you need to write your papers at their fingertips.

3. Eastern Coney Island

Right on Cross Street is Eastern Coney Island—a locally-owned restaurant that just opened up last year. This is my favorite place to go when I have some hardcore studying to do. They have the most amazing chicken shawarma, and if there’s a power food that really helps you reenergize for a long period of studying it’s their chicken shawarma. Eastern Coney Island has huge booths inside, with free wi-fi and a relatively low-key atmosphere, which makes it easy to settle down and focus on your studying.

4. Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea is super convenient because it’s right off campus. They have amazing mocha lattes that whip me into study mode. The vibe in Sweetwaters is super chill, like everyone is there to hang but also get their stuff done. I love to sit at the big wooden high table with a group to finish a group project or have a group study session—it’s way better to work with people than by yourself!

Check out my favorite study spots in Ypsi and let us know what you think in the comments. Don’t forget to tag your photos on Instagram with #YpsiReal and share your favorite Ypsilanti gems with us!

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