7 Things For Non-EMU Students to Do On EMU’s Campus

Dec 09, 2016

Ypsilanti isn’t an amazing city just because we are home to one of the most uniquely-shaped water towers in the world. Ypsi has the greatest community, great destinations like Depot Town and Downtown, and of course, Eastern Michigan University. Not enough people take advantage of the great things EMU has to offer everyone—not just students. This month, I present to you a list of the top seven things to do on EMU’s campus, even if you’re not a student!

1. The trails around EMU’s campus

EMU boasts a large campus with four hundred and sixty acres of beautiful buildings and nature. All the sidewalks and trails that go through campus make great hiking, biking, and running trails. These trails are great to use for exercising in any season, and are a great way to take in all the beautiful sites around campus.

2. Pease Auditorium

Pease is one of the oldest buildings on campus, as it was built in 1914 and has these beautiful Greek-style columns that give the building a classy, ancient feel. Pease hosts all kinds of different events throughout the year: dance performances, theater productions, music concerts, and more. It’s a great place to get your fill of the arts. Check out their schedule on their website to see what they have lined up for the year!

3. The food court at the EMU Student Center

The Student Center underwent a serious makeover this summer, and now their food court has all sorts of delicious new food options for people to try: Smashburger, Mondo Subs, Sono Latin Cuisine, Zatar Mediterranean, and Eagle’s Nido with great vegetarian options.

4. EMU Convocation Center

The Convo Center is your go-to place to watch EMU football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and many other great EMU sports. It also holds great concerts and entertainment events, having had the 1975 in November and the Harlem Globetrotters scheduled to return in January! Check out the schedule for the Convocation Center here.

5. Art galleries

EMU is home to some creative and insanely talented art students. Check out their work for free at the art galleries in Ford Hall and the Student Center. The exhibits are switched out frequently to display all different kinds of artwork, ranging from sculptures, to portraits, to live artwork. It’s worth checking out on a regular basis to catch all the different genres!

6. Rec/IM

EMU has a huge recreational building available to both EMU students and outside citizens. The Rec offers four floors of facilities to use for exercise, intramural sports, and relaxation. There’s free weights, pools, a track, individual work out rooms, as well as instructor-led exercise classes. It also has an amazing hot tub and sauna—the cherry on top.

7. Volleyball/basketball courts

On EMU’s grounds there are multiple basketball and volleyball courts available for public use. There’s always good crowds out at the courts, making this event on campus a social one. They’re great options if you’re looking to do something athletic and outside.

Check out all of these great things to do on Eastern Michigan University’s campus, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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